The instructions below are intended for users on OTHOS TELECOM phone system ONLY, and may not be applicable for devices on other platforms. For more information on using our services, please visit our or give us a call on 021 673 6801.

Speed Dial

You can create an unlimited amount of speed dial codes to easily dial your frequent used numbers

1. access your PBX Interface and Log in (

2. Go to Applications > Contacts

3. Click on the plus sign on top of the table to add a new contact

4. Select the type of contact, fill the information you have about the contact (all fields are optional) and press save

5. Click on the plus sign next to the numbers table

6. Insert the speed dial code desired, the phone number for the contact and press save

You can now dial the number by calling *0 + Speed Dial code, in this example you would dial *01