When contacting Othos Support, please provide as much information as you can regarding the following points: 

Say who you are:

- State the company name

- State the PBX name

- State your name and contact

  • Detailed description of the issue you are having.
  • If you experience issues placing or receiving calls, also add: 
    • The behaviour when trying to make a call – what is seen and heard? 
    • What is shown on the display of the device or softphone 
    • Specify whether or not the issue was experienced on one or all of the devices 
    • Specify the times and numbers of the attempted calls
  • Type of Internet connection (DSL/Cable/Dial-up/Satellite) and name of your Internet Service Provider.
  • Make and model of your SIP device (phone) on which you are experiencing issues.


Client: Acme South Africa

PBX: acme.ocs.othos.co.za

Contact: John Smith - 076XXXXXXX


I seem to be unable to make calls from extension 200 and 201 (both Yealink T46G). 

When making a call I get the message "service unavailable" on the phone's screen.

We are using Fibre connection.