It is always a good idea to purchase credit well in advance of existing credit being depleted so as to avoid issues experienced with delays in payments

Common payment errors:

  • Using the incorrect reference – ensure that you use the unique reference generated with each new payment (EFT payment)
  • Paying the wrong amount – ensure that you make the payment with the amount including VAT
  • Forgetting to complete payment – once you have completed the payment, click on “Pay”, “I Have Made Payment”, or “I Have Sent The Payment” (depending on type of payment) within the PayFast portal in order to complete the transaction

If you were unable to make a payment, or have made a payment but have not received your credit within 30 minutes, send an email to with the following details:

  • A description of the issue you have experienced
  • The email address used for accessing the PayFast portal
  • Your Proof of Payment (if payment was made)

Please copy and we will also assist with Payfast